iGaming operators are strengthening their defenses with artificial intelligence

There is no doubt that one of the greatest fears of iGaming operators is becoming the victim of a cyber-attack. Unfortunately, cyberattack rates have not gone down in recent months and this has the iGaming industry quite worried. With the implementation of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation (especially when combined), these fears may be a thing of the past, as their strength is so great that they create security barriers that are virtually impenetrable.

With the passage of time, it has become clear that manual alert classification is no longer sufficient as it is impossible to be able to monitor all endpoints manually. Needless to say, cyberattacks have reached such sophistication that the human-driven approach can no longer encompass complete security. However, the only way to successfully resist a ransomware attack is through solutions based on AI and automation. It is true that threat actors leverage the latest innovations in technology to improve their attacks, but cybersecurity teams must respond in kind. This has become a case of “fighting fire with fire,” but a good defense is sometimes much more potent than a good attack.

By performing real-time threat modeling, incident correlation, and tactical, technical and procedural (TTP) analysis, AI offers advanced technology around the context of an attack. Automation and AI offer the ability to write custom detection rules so that new threats are addressed appropriately. With this, online casinos can rest assured that their platforms will never be forced to shut down due to an attack that can be proactively prevented. Reactive cybersecurity is not entirely effective because there is no point in attacking the problem once it has already been committed. Instead, both technologies offer a shield, which at the same time serves as a sword to stop and eliminate any threat that is knocking at the door.