iGaming marketing is becoming easier with the help of artificial intelligence

Conversation is, and always has been, a fundamental part of attracting new customers. In recent years, conversational bots have been incorporated into the process of digital services in online casinos. They are transforming the field of customer service into a new paradigm, conversational marketing. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), many operators in the gaming industry have been able to move into an era that is much more satisfying to the way marketing is conducted.

As the name suggests, conversational marketing evokes primarily conversations and dialogue. Today, players expect instant responses from online casinos. That is why perfecting conversations and humanizing the customer service process is fundamental to meet this demand. Many gaming operators have opted to use conversational marketing as it is a tool that uses conversations as an added value in the user experience. In addition, it improves processes for a greater lead generation campaign and applies automation through auditory or visual interfaces to humanize customer service.

All this has been achieved thanks to the implementation of AI. Only in this way is it possible to understand the behavior of players, and, therefore, provide marketing that is even more suited to their needs and what they are looking for when registering at a specific online casino. AI-based conversational marketing attempts to alleviate the time users spend trying to solve problems on these platforms.

Over time, the gaming industry has come to understand that players are not just looking for a platform to gamble or play on but instead want to be advised, assisted and heard to buy a product or service. In this process, authenticity and trust are very important, and AI-based conversational marketing can provide them through its constant availability and familiarity. The contact is happening through conversation and not through a static and distant form, and consumers want the personalization that goes with that.