AI is making it vastly easier for iGaming operators to secure their platforms

Digitization and the growing network of machines and industrial systems mean an increase in the risk of cyberattacks on companies and entities within the iGaming industry, as well as an increase in the accuracy and complexity of these attacks. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the game for cybersecurity. The ability of organizations to prepare for, protect against, detect, respond to and recover from potential cyber threats is known as cyber resilience. That is now more easily achieved thanks to AI.

AI technologies help companies and security analysts within the iGaming market with limited resources in this area to address this danger with confidence and speed, pushing them to become more cyber-resilient. AI tools help to anticipate and neutralize threats and manage cybersecurity incidents with greater reactivity and effectiveness by analyzing large amounts of contextual information without the need for highly specialized human intervention.

These techniques can track attackers’ steps through chains such as Cyber Kill Chain and sophisticated systems capable of learning from the environment, reasoning to identify relationships between threats, and making critical decisions. The inability of traditional teams to deal with cyber risks shows that only with AI will online casinos be able to strengthen their defense systems and cybersecurity can become smarter than cyberattacks.

AI can foresee future threats through predictive analytics, such as which player accounts are most likely to be compromised or the types of attacks that are likely to occur on a given day. This type of analysis helps iGaming operators identify where their security breaches lie in order to close them before real damage is done.