Artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing to provide better protection for iGaming operations

Cybersecurity with artificial intelligence (AI), supported by machine learning, is set to be a powerful tool in the looming future. AI, as a set of predictive and self-learning techniques, helps to improve cybersecurity in the iGaming industry. In order to further reinforce this new reality, Darktrace recently unveiled its first AI-based cyberattack prevention products. Many operators in the industry will be able to optimize their shields with the arrival of these new solutions.

The technology firm said its new family of products called “Prevent” will be available in markets, including iGaming, starting next month. The launch comes to expand the company’s current portfolio of attack detection and response offerings.

Industry experts indicate that using AI to emulate and model potential attacks is an essential key to informing cyber defense efforts. Security specialists currently struggle with the volume and speed of incoming attacks, which are generally overwhelming. It is clear to say that the only way to cope with this scenario is to begin proactively eliminating these attack vectors.

Nearly a decade old, Darktrace is recognized for spotting where AI can be applied with respect to cybersecurity. The firm has thought outside of the box and has been ahead of the curve on the idea that modern technologies are a perfect tool to improve cyberattack detection by sifting through reams of data. It is no secret that AI is now synonymous with cybersecurity.

After detection, Darktrace decided to use its machine learning AI to respond to malicious activities once detected. iGaming operators using these services can now preempt threats by using an attack surface management product to block external assets.

The idea behind using Prevent is to use AI to map out all the paths an attacker could take to find the most valuable or sensitive data in an organization’s IT systems. Thus, the technology is able to prioritize the paths on which the organization should focus its energies to block them.