Payment processing by iGaming operators is becoming easier and safer through AI

Improving as much as possible the payment system in the iGaming industry has always been a clear objective. It is known that a gambling market makes millions of payments in a single day, and that is why having an optimal system is of great importance. Recently, a new payment analysis engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI) has been launched that could make these goals much easier to meet.

This new platform was created with the intention of making electronic payments, such as virtual cards and ACH, more cost-effective for operators and much more affordable for their suppliers. The AI-based engine functions as a recommendation platform, helping both players and online casinos to reach a meeting point and transact securely and efficiently.

The payments AI landscape continues to evolve rapidly, driven by emerging technologies and digital transformation across all industries, most notably iGaming. Giant gaming operators are using AI to guide logistics, fulfillment and fraud prevention, and many organizations see an even broader horizon of potential, including money laundering, customer retention, product innovation, reconciliation and authorization.

With payment analytics engines like these, a process can begin to be put in place to drive growth in the adoption of all currently available payment methods, opening the possibility for more players (whose payment methods are not as conventional) to come to gaming platforms. More and more brands in the iGaming industry are not hesitating to implement more AI-based options to further improve the overall experience for all their users.