A new AI-based platform being introduced by Nokia could revolutionize the power of data

It is well established that, in today’s consumer world, data is king. The more data, the more value there is. The iGaming industry runs on data and has stores of it on its servers. Now, thanks to Nokia and artificial intelligence (AI), there may be a way for iGaming operators to monetize that data in new ways not previously possible. This is just the latest step in the continued evolution of AI as a key component in everyday activity.

With data volumes surging, AI and machine learning (ML) are becoming more necessary for the decision-making processes by iGaming operators, especially as new competition continues to be introduced. Nokia has introduced a new Nokia Data Marketplace (NDM) that will help enable digital transformation and data monetization for companies, giving operators the ability to make better use of the data they collect. According to the company, “The new service also enables enterprises and [cloud solution providers (CSPs)] to become data marketplace providers themselves, by monetizing data exchanges between customers or business ecosystem participants.”

The new service enables companies to become data marketplace providers by monetizing data exchanges between customers or business ecosystem participants. NDM ensures a trusted exchange of data and authorization mechanisms on both ends, enabling a wide range of vertical use cases. The AI solution, combined with other AI capabilities, facilitates the development of highly accurate ML models for analytics use cases. It also responds to the growing demand for a platform that is able to efficiently and accurately apply AI and ML algorithms to in situ data.