Artificial intelligence is assuming a primary role in the advancement of online gaming

The integration of emerging technologies is allowing new functionalities in the gaming industry that are causing a revolution. Online gaming has been feeding on new technologies since its beginnings, which is why the industry has experienced exponential growth in the last decade or so. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and virtual reality are introducing new features to online gaming platforms, such as face recognition and gambling responsibility. And these are just the first showings of what these integrations can do for the business; the online gaming industry will continue getting a boost by delivering the best games and also with the most suitable alternatives for that very moment.

AI is bound to be at the core of new devices and machines. For instance, there has been a rise in drones, autonomous cars and AI assistants like Amazon’s Alexa. For the gaming industry, AI can collect several details and information about each customer. This data can be analyzed individually to figure out how much a player spends in the games. It could also be put together so AI machines can deliver new analysis to favor the business.

Virtual reality (VR) has also come a long way since its first steps. It started with expensive gear and limited games that made it inaccessible for the masses. But with more companies manufacturing gear and startup companies working on VR-games for online casinos, the industry can take another major jump. AI and VR work together to have a real-life like virtual casinos that can also promote real interactions with customers thanks to the capacity of AI machines to deliver a good-quality service. The first steps into online casinos are presented by a couple of newly emerging companies working on VR-slots machines and table games.

Finally, to boost the online gaming industry more, AI has been added to facial recognition machines that can help online operators to gain more trust from customers by making online gambling venues even more secure and safe from fraudulent users.