The casino executive spoke at the ongoing SBC Summit Barcelona Digital

For iGaming businesses, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become part of the business strategies that are being implemented by operators in order to enhance their products or services. As more functionalities are being discovered, online operators are in constant need of keeping up with the latest trends, which are already an important topic to be covered across gambling conferences. During the second day of the SBC Summit Barcelona Digital, the director of Solverde Casinos, Américo Loureiro, spoke about his views on the implementation of AI technologies in the online gaming industry during a discussion panel.

First, Loureiro believes that these technologies are to become an integral part of any operation and that it will be hard for any operator to improve the customer experience without the use of resources such as AI. “For sure, what we are focusing on is to increase our customer experience, the winning experience, and that leads to revenue and revenue on the lower end. I’m not seeing operators managing their operations without the help of AI in the near future. Talking about revenues, I think it’s too much over the next three years with everything on the internet,” Loureiro commented. “Our plan is for the next three years to increase the AI on our operations and get benefits from this. We know that this is the very beginning and we want to be on top of this because the ones that agree more with AI and manage AI will be the most successful operators.”

During this discussion panel, Edvinas Subacius, the chief data officer of an AI firm dedicated to servicing the gaming industry, added that this technology is not only poised to become an essential tool in upcoming years, but some features are already available to be used today to run iGaming operations in a more efficient way, including to maximize staff efficiency. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the industry by making the services more entertaining to the customers and also helping operators run cost-effective operations that can continue to be improved alongside new technological advancements.