The iGaming industry can use AI conversational tools to enhance its customer service

It goes without saying that today’s technology should be leveraged to the fullest, and according to new updates, the iGaming industry could benefit greatly as it has been predicted a new use for artificial intelligence (AI) that could be of great help to its platforms.

Milton Keynes-based technology consultancy Velocity IT has joined forces with conversational AI company DRUID to make it easier for current and potential clients to take full advantage of its AI technology. This could come as a boon for all those online casinos that wish to have a better service available to all players that visit their platforms.

Conversational AI is based on a set of technologies necessary for machines to have the ability to use messaging and speech to offer personal interactions that are casually delivered by a representative. This type of technology can be used in the automated messaging and speech-enabled applications that are becoming increasingly common in platforms around the iGaming industry.

It is no secret that players are increasingly coming to online casinos to play from the comfort of their own homes, which is why the gambling industry is increasingly looking to optimize its customer service departments, and there is simply no better way to do this than through the implementation of conversational AI.

The idea of this technology is to focus first on the needs of any player who is online, and then gather all that information, to deliver a more agile service that speeds up the time to value, giving the player a better experience, while reducing the need for human labor that can focus on more specific tasks.