Entain’s Advanced Care and Responsibility platform has taken a leading role in reducing gambling harm

Games of chance, such as poker, in particular, have become the perfect scenario for testing artificial intelligence (AI), which now presents a new field to explore. The iGaming industry wants to use the capabilities of this technology in a beneficial way with a new area of opportunity where AI is used to determine patterns of behavior that can be categorized as pathological gambling and encourage responsible gambling. Entain and its AI-based platform have been of great help to operators. The company’s CEO recently celebrated her 500th day at the helm.

Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen has been responsible for making responsible gaming a key pillar of the company’s business model for the past year and a half. She says she is encouraged by the progress of the company’s Advanced Care and Responsibility program. The model is based on around 30 behavioral markers that are essential for online casinos to improve their accuracy in identifying high-risk behavior.

“Responsible gaming is one of the pillars of our company,” the CEO assures. “Not only do we work tirelessly to prevent problem gambling from arising, but we also work hard to identify potentially at-risk customers and provide them with safer and more personalized gambling interventions.” According to the first-quarter report, analytics monitoring protection markers say Entain saw a 30% decrease in the number of customers who increased their risk levels.

These markers are tasked with running the gamut from chasing losses to spikes in play, as well as irregular betting patterns and increased depositing. Entain plans to continue the trial program in the UK. If the results are positive, it is possible that the firm will fully implement the initiative across the UK market later this summer.