It’s not just traditional poker bots that have faced the wrath of Americas Cardroom. We just discovered that the US-facing online poker site has been putting Seating Script users in their crosshairs.

“It’s true, we’ve been targeting Seating Script users since the end of 2019, and we’ve hunted down a lot of them,” confirmed Michael Harris, spokesperson for Americas Cardroom. “Our goal is to create an environment that’s 100% safe for poker players. That means a poker room free of bots. And free of Seating Script users.”

Americas Cardroom considers those using Seating Scripts to be, for a lack of a better word, predatory. Seating Scripts allows players to essentially choose who they want to play against. For example, with a Seating Script, players can enter nicknames of weaker players and essentially hunt them down. When the script automatically detects that these weaker players have taken a seat, the script reserves a spot directly to the player’s left.

Because Seating Scripts create an unfair advantage, Americas Cardroom has chosen to create a system that finds them and bans them. The poker room employs a tool that regularly times how long it takes players to sit down at the tables and detects patterns of play to figure out who is using a Seating Script.

 Once found, first-time offenders will face an immediate 3-day suspension. Those caught using a script for a second time will face a 1-month suspension. And in keeping with a “3 strikes you’re out” philosophy, those caught using a script for a third time will be banned from Americas Cardroom and all WPN sites permanently.

According to Harris, Seating Scripts include any tool that lets players do any of the following:

• Reserve a seat
• Secure a seat
• Perform real-time hand analysis/advice
• Target players by nickname
• Label players
• Collect data on hands the user is not actively a part of

It turns out that Americas Cardroom’s Seating Script detection and banning system isn’t new. Since 2019, 129 players have been warned or received a penalty.

ACR strongly discourages players from buying any sort of software against WPN game integrity policies. Seating Script developers are fully aware that any user of their products might get banned.

Watch this short video to learn more about automated table selection for highstakes online poker games.