Explainable AI is a newer instance of the technology and is offering a lot of promise

Brand trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications that are easy to explain and have a high degree of transparency are an excellent hatch to engender trust in all users who have any kind of relationship with the iGaming industry. In all of this, it is important to understand what is explainable AI (XAI) and what is its relevance when applied to the marketing strategies employed by different iGaming operators.

Explainable AI means that you understand how and why the algorithm makes decisions or predictions and that you have the ability to justify the results it produces. XAI helps promote trust among end-users, auditability of models, and productive use of AI. It also mitigates the legal, compliance, security, and reputational risks of production AI.

With XAI, an online casino can solve problems and improve the performance of marketing strategies, while helping stakeholders understand the behaviors of AI models. Investigating model behaviors by tracking model insights on deployment status, fairness, quality, and deviation is critical to scaling AI.

Continuous evaluation of models and strategies related to digital marketing allows iGaming operators to compare model predictions, quantify their risk and optimize their performance. Visualizing positive and negative values in model behaviors with data used to generate the explanation accelerates model evaluations.

“Machine learning techniques equipped with encoded human knowledge allow for AI that lets users edit their knowledge base even after it’s been deployed. As it learns by interacting with more problems, data, and domain experts, the systems will become significantly more flexible and intelligent. With XAI, the possibilities are truly endless,” says AJ Abdallat, founder and CEO of Beyond Limits, a provider of enterprise AI software solutions.