More iGaming sites are adopting facial recognition to adhere with regulatory policies

The technological advancements made by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) so far are enough to allow online gambling operations to start using facial recognition (FR) in their operations. However, the implementation does not only depend on the reach of the technology itself but also the new product being in compliance with data privacy laws. Therefore, it is expected that most online gaming operators adopt FR in the next few years, mainly to enhance the security for players and gain more trust from new customers.

The goal of implementing FR features is to provide more security to users and reduce the chances of frauds and scams being conducted, such as identity theft and the use of bots. This means that players who enjoy online slots, Baccarat, Blackjack and other options would play their games in a more secure environment where FR can be used to personalize the experience for players as well.

The identification of underage gamblers is a top priority, as it can lead to several other issues like fraudulent use of credit or debit cards. These FR solutions can be trained to identify these gamblers right at the moment they are attempting to create an account as they would be asked to scan their faces before they can play a casino game. Once customers scan their faces, the game will access the customer’s personal information to determine if they are old enough to play. If an underage player is spotted, the game will be blocked, and casino security will be alerted.

Preventing other types of scams, such as identity theft, can be effectively done by FR, as it can keep fraudsters using another person’s information to make deposits. Similarly, the system can store the financial information of every gambler, so at the moment that a card is being used in the casino, the AI machines can figure out if it is the real customer or just a scammer.