AI is able to give gaming operators several benefits never before possible

Not long ago, artificial intelligence (AI) would have seemed like something only in science fiction movies, but not anymore. From algorithms that are able to manage social media feeds, to voice-activated technology that can answer routine and some sophisticated questions, AI has transitioned from Sci-Fi to the everyday. It is also helping businesses gain an edge, and the gaming industry has been quick to adopt the technology.

AI can be a huge boon for gaming marketers who often would only be able to try tactics that may or may not work because they couldn’t properly analyze the data. It helps them capture lost leads in real-time and AI’s ability to process real-time data and prioritize lost leads quickly is unparalleled. AI can analyze billions of bits of conversation data simultaneously, identifying a lost lead and alerting the operator to take immediate action. It is also capable of identifying missed opportunities during an ongoing conversation.

AI is also able to close the gap between sales and marketing with combined signals for more accurate lead prediction. CRM systems today often fail at linking individual bits of customer data with marketing campaigns. If businesses rely solely on CRM software, the end-to-end customer experience invariably suffers. When it’s possible to quantitatively connect how ad campaigns are able to steer customer actions, which translates into sales, the experience the customer receives improves touchpoints.

The technology enriches the customer experience through multichannel engagement. Customers today want a seamless, end-to-end experience. Multichannel cohesion across voice, text and desktop is imperative. AI is able to provide it more completely than any other alternative.

AI is also able to increase seller productivity through ai assistants. In the course of normal conversation, AI can ask simple questions that help the user focus more on the interactions that could lead to an improved experience. This prioritizes follow-up action for higher conversions, and it’s done through the power of AI recommendations.