Artificial intelligence does away with metal detectors to enhance casino security

Online activity has now found a great complement through artificial intelligence (AI), and the gambling industry seems to always be one of the most benefited. The implementation of this technology is getting higher and higher, especially after learning that new casinos are moving the pieces to innovate through AI. According to reports, Potawatomi’s Pokagon Band has partnered with Evolv Technology to install AI-based security solutions at its Four Winds facilities in Michigan and Indiana to provide a less threatening experience for all its visitors, something that comes as no surprise after seeing how cyber-attacks and thefts at physical casinos have been on the rise.

It is no secret that casinos are usually big targets for criminals looking to make a quick buck. While it is true, security at the properties has gone to great lengths to turn away all comers. This results in frustration and violations of personal space that most patrons do not enjoy. This could all be a thing of the past after seeing how AI has improved to levels where it provides security screening capabilities without the need for intrusive searches, metal detectors, and more tedious processes. The Four Winds Casino South Bend in Indiana will be the first to receive Evolv Technology’s AI at the entrances, making it a more pleasant experience for guests.

The AI is set to become an unobtrusive tool and, once implemented there, it will be rolled out to the tribe’s other properties in the Michigan cities of Dowagiac, Hartford and New Buffalo. Most AI scanners being installed in casinos are not only capable of detecting weapons and possibly avoiding unexpected surprises, but will even detect health problems, including the infamous COVID-19.

The AI comes to give casinos and the gambling industry a relief when it comes to increasing protection without necessarily affecting the customer’s experience in a negative way, making it an ideal solution.