SEON gives iGaming operators the ability to reduce fraud and improve player retention through AI

Being able to offer an outstanding online gaming experience is key to long-term viability for iGaming operators. It’s also one of the biggest and most difficult tasks the operators have to face. However, there are tools they are using to help secure their platforms and improve the user experience, most of which are based on artificial intelligence (AI). SEON is leading the way, giving online gaming operators the necessary solutions to remove threats and fraud, while ensuring greater player retention.

SEON’s AI fraud solutions reduce bonus and promo abuse, automatically detecting fake accounts and stolen or fake IDs. The company also uses AI to prevent charge backs from stolen credit or debit cards and can block unauthorized transactions as soon as they are attempted. iGaming operators have solid ground for disputing false refunds or chargeback requests, helping them stave off a flurry of charge reversals. It has the ability to implement risk-based authentication that only triggers 2FA (two-factor authentication) or SMS verification for high-risk logins.

The platform can also detect affiliates that send bad customers to the operator. This allows the operator to focus more on the profitable ones, saving on marketing resources and increasing revenue. SEON’s AI solutions free up staff resources needed for manual reviews by automatically delivering important data to the fraud manager for rapid analysis. By combining the power of digital data and behavior analysis with machine learning to support the decision-making process, operators are able to respond quickly to potential issues or concerns with ease.