Artificial intelligence is being incorporated into all aspects of gambling operations

Multiple technologies have arrived to various markets over the course of the last couple of decades or so; however, it wasn’t until now that these technologies have deeply impacted the operations of certain industries. The online gaming space is one of the pioneer industries that thrive on the addition of new technologies and, since it became popular back in the ’90s, multiple advancements have been introduced to enhance the customer’s experience and increase their engagement. There are several technologies that are already ramping up the online gaming space, such as artificial intelligence (AI), and its applications, including virtual reality (VR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and voice recognition technology. And, this is just the beginning of what the future holds.

The introduction of OCR to online casinos has generated great results, as it allows online operators to bring lifelike experiences to their customers. This technology is deeply related to VR, which is starting to take over the online gaming industry. There are already great games available in which a VR headrest is used to create the experience of being in a land-based casino game. The future of this technology is expected to be adapted to work with mobile services, so it can be accessible to everyone and bring in more customers.

Augmented reality (AR) technologies are already adding that virtual component to physical scenarios to deliver an immersive experience. AR gives customers the impression that they are interacting with a digital environment while also having the physical world component for a mixed experience. Even though VR occurs in a virtual-only space, AR integrates real-time visual and audio content with virtual elements.

Voice recognition capabilities that developers have been creating over the years is allowing games to be controlled with the use of a voice. Giving voice commands to a device or software is a good addition for players to better control the game, and also has a positive effect on socialization, as it increases interactions on social media, as well as with play selections.