The artificial intelligence product manufacturer introduces a new tool to help the gaming industry

As artificial intelligence (AI) expands its reach, more functions are becoming useful, even to other sectors or even to deal with emergencies like the one the world is going through right now. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the last couple of months have been difficult for virtually every industry sector, all of which have been impacted by the pandemic in one way or another. Gaming Analytics, a technology company dedicated to AI-powered products, is presenting a new tool to analyze possible outcomes from this health emergency and how the online gaming world can adapt to it to thrive even during difficult times.

Kiran Brhmandam, CEO of Gaming Analytics, these times demand creative strategies to fight for survival, that is where AI and machine learning (ML) can help. Companies and authorities, in general, have adopted measures to mitigate the impact of the present emergency. But facing this situation, AI and ML software can help process and analyze information in new ways offering new alternatives and action plans to tackle the difficult conditions, such as new marketing strategies. “I believe this global health crisis has forced the industry to be creative and AI is an exceptionally good tool to analyze these actions and possible outcomes. We are working side by side with our clients. In emergency situations, one must get more creative than ever and find ways to reach players and remain present even when facilities are closed,” said Brhmandam.

According to Brhmandam, most of the companies working with Gaming Analytics has dedicated more resources to data analysis, to develop a clean and better database, new analysis, new reports, or implementation of different campaigns than the usual ones. All to boost sales and increase revenue for companies that are seeing less income due to the crisis all due to a better data analysis. “We are making use of valuable time to work tirelessly on improving our product so we can provide our clients with the best experience when they are able to resume their activities. Our support commitment is complete as we face the challenges posed by the coronavirus,” he concluded.