The company is introducing a new artificial intelligence tool to assist the betting ecosystem

Sports fans who entertain themselves by betting on their favorite events can now enjoy a new real-time betting odds and data platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The recent launch of Gaming Intelligence will undoubtedly change the experience of many users in the iGaming industry.

Edward Kahl was in charge of creating the company that now intends to offer those interested in betting legally on sports a unique and sophisticated experience. Leading sportsbooks will be able to offer sports betting simulations that will help users have a better outcome. Through IP technology, Your Best Bet feature provides opportunities for bettors to see the most accurate odds, real-time spreads and money lines of all relevant sports sportsbooks.

As if that wasn’t enough, the platform also features easy-to-understand statistics and match data on various sporting events. It is no secret that over the past four years, the sports betting industry has experienced explosive growth. This is thanks to the implementation of the 2018 Supreme Court decision to lift the nationwide ban on sports betting.

As time goes by, more technology companies are entering this market and seeking to have the highest quality options to meet the high demand of their players. Gaming Intelligence is fully supported by an executive team with decades of experience in technology, sports betting, data science, iGaming, software, cloud infrastructure and enterprise architecture.

“Gaming Intelligence will be a significant disruptor to the sports betting industry,” claims Gaming Intelligence COO Ralph Wagner. “In minutes, the sports betting consumer will be able to view in real-time the odds, moneylines, and spreads across all sportsbooks in a single state. Just as quickly, the sports betting consumer can click to the sportsbook that represents the best bet, and place his or her wager.