Leading technology company SAFR has a new AI specialist

One of the experts in the use of video analytics and facial recognition software for security aspects such as surveillance or criminal investigation, was announced as the new addition of the platform SAFR. His name is Eric Hess, and he was appointed to be the new Senior Director of Product Management, and will now be focusing not only on public safety but on gaming markets, as well. This news certainly can accelerate the process of bringing these technologies officially into the gambling industry.

Hess was the former Senior Director of Video Analytics at Idemia, which is also dedicated to tackling loss prevention and identity solutions with technology. This is just one of the positions he has worked on in his already extensive career as he also featured as senior sales and product management positions at MorphoTrak as well as NEC’s Global Center of Excellence for Face Recognition. Hess comes with experience in many sectors that can bring a unique understanding of the goals and challenges that the gaming industry will be facing regarding enhancing safety.

“I am excited to join SAFR at a time when computer vision solutions are truly gaining momentum,” said Hess. “Advances in machine learning and cost reductions in computing power enable SAFR to bring solutions to public safety and commercial markets not previously served — improving school safety, enhancing security for public transportation and air travel, and reducing risk and liability for commercial venues where society gathers. Facial recognition can be a force for good and can be applied to help make life safer and more convenient.”

It has been discussed that this type of software could be used to have a more secure environment for gamblers, allowing operators to quickly identified patterns of fraud or gambling addiction and deal with those situations on the spot. SARF is a highly accurate, machine learning facial recognition platform of high performance and fast processing that can detect millions of faces in real-time. It might be a reality sooner than expected.