Artificial intelligence has allowed the operator to detect fraud, and its users received the rewards

Online poker is a very interesting option to distract and have fun without leaving the house. But, just as it is flexible and comfortable, it can also be used for cheating. That is why, before letting yourself be carried away by emotions, you should know that there are certain dangers you could face. 888poker Holdings wants to make sure that users of its 888poker platform have a safe and relaxed experience, leaving behind those worries about players who only think about winning through cheating. To do so, the firm has relied on artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

All players have wondered if they are being cheated when playing poker online. There are many different strategies that poker players use to cheat online, but 888poker seeks to eliminate each of them through AI. 888 Holdings recently talked about the efforts it has maintained to fight against unfair gambling advantages. The company claims that AI has brought great benefits in detecting those cheaters who seek to cheat the system.

888poker made a record refund in 2022 to more than 6,000 players, and that was possible thanks to all these efforts shown by the online poker division of 888 Holdings. Those new results marked a 32% increase in the number of detections of players conspiring with each other to gain an unfair advantage compared to 2021. Thanks to the anomalies detected by the AI, the firm was able to confiscate more than $300,000 from those accounts using bots or unfair poker software.

Matan Krakow, 888poker’s head of poker offerings, says the platform takes the integrity of the game very seriously, and it is a process it will continue to focus on during 2023 as well. Thanks to investments in AI tools, Krakow said that the detection rate of bot accounts, collusion and real-time advisors has increased significantly, leading to record payback.