Diversity and inclusion are important to gaming operators, and AI improves their response

Building trust in artificial intelligence (AI) systems is a prerequisite for adoption to ensure the growth of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), especially in an era where all three have become more important than ever. Many marketers have decided to embrace DEI with enthusiasm, but a bit of caution is always needed. In the gaming industry, there are a large number of users who can be distinguished by different ethnic cultures, disabilities, sexual orientations, etc. That’s why they have embraced AI to generate campaigns that are diverse, which make their brands inclusive and share a type of message that is fair and ethical for all.

Every modern marketer on the cutting edge knows they have an essential tool in the form of AI. This technology, in conjunction with machine learning, can be used to hyper-segment customers, learn from data sets that are considered very deep, react to the behaviors of millions of consumers and improve content. The goal of AI in marketing is to be able to create a bias towards inciting player action. The gambling industry can get closer to its players, no matter what their beliefs are, with the help of AI.

Experts say that AI can be a key element for the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda. Leaving no one behind is one of the most relevant points to close the gap of inequalities in the world population. One of its main goals is inclusion since we are heading in the direction of the “new humanity” towards new world order.

The marketing specialists of the gaming industry are in charge of implementing ethics to the disciplines formulated through AI. In doing so, the platforms match the preferences of the customers and provide them with an experience that makes them always feel comfortable.