As competition in the gaming space increases, operators need to ensure they send the right message

Both machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) could become the future of commercial testing, and gaming operators could get a lot out of that innovation. The company that measures audience insights through tests and surveys, Kantar, claims to have a tool capable of predicting and analyzing how players would react to a commercial, simply by making use of AI. If this were the case, gaming operators would know in advance how successful their marketing could be, and that’s a big advantage.

The program, dubbed Link AI, debuted last year and has already been used by well-known companies around the world to fine-tune creative campaigns. The gaming industry can take advantage of this platform to know how well players will accept a potential commercial. This is definitely a game-changer, as in the past, it is a job that is usually done by humans, who are asked to take a survey or join a focus group. This task has always been quite tedious and has never guaranteed congruent and concrete results.

For the platform to work efficiently, the AI relies on nearly 230,000 ads and audience reactions that Kantar has been collecting since the early 1990s. Once clients upload their creations to the self-service portal, the machine analyzes different visual and auditory characteristics, as well as the on-screen text of a commercial, and then compares the ad to its storage library.

In a matter of 15 minutes, Link AI will issue a prediction based on all this information and the most common KPIs depending on the industry, in this case, gaming. Based on the results, operators will be able to know if it is viable for their commercial to go on air, or analyze what modifications are needed to make the campaign a success.