The software giant has introduced new AI solutions that will enable better marketing

Oracle offers a database management tool, mainly used by large companies to control and manage a large amount of content from a single file. A convenient tool to use, as it is very intuitive. However, this seems not to be the only benefit the company has to offer. Now, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) into the equation could change the marketing game in the iGaming industry.

The company today announced a new AI-based system to automate key parts of digital marketing companies. Gaming operators will now have at their disposal yet another system from a company with many years of experience. While Oracle has been known worldwide for its database software, it has now become a major competitor to and Adobe for selling cloud-based software that serves as a great tool for marketing products and/or services.

Unlike marketing campaigns that usually target consumers, Oracle’s goal is to produce what marketing experts call a “qualified lead.” In other words, the iGaming industry could be looking for a person, who could potentially in the future become part of the platform’s large base of registered users. Studies have shown that low quality leads cost gambling operators money and this is not ideal.

Oracle’s Fusion Marketing system relies on AI to automatically assemble marketing campaigns to determine if people can eventually become online casino players. In order to achieve this goal, the system absorbs data from a variety of sources, including email contacts.

“A lot of it is much more measurable than it has been in the past,” Rob Tarkoff, executive VP of Oracle’s advertising and customer experience cloud, said of digital marketing campaigns. “We just said, ‘this is a big computer science problem, and we’re going to go solve it.'”