The supplier’s customers can take advantage of AI to interact with their customers

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are an extraordinary evolution in customer service automation and are taking the full potential of this software one step further. The application of conversational AI allows companies within the iGaming industry to offer a personalized user experience that generates more conversions and loyalty. ComeOn is very clear about this and that is why it has partnered with Ada, a specialist in automated brand contact. The idea of joining forces is to incorporate Ada’s cutting-edge chatbot, powered by AI algorithms, taking the player experience to the next level.

This tool aims to be able to recognize human emotions and respond accordingly through language processing capabilities. In turn, the AI-based chatbot will also be able to learn from the conversations it has, thanks to the application of machine learning. It is in this context that chatbot training makes sense.

AI-enabled chatbots are able to “learn” from their interactions, accumulating knowledge and understanding the user’s intention in a more accurate way. This means a more personalized, close and fluid attention, which is also able to solve more complex conversations and act according to what the user requests in each interaction.

Both technology companies aim to enhance the iGaming user experience by ensuring that the solution is available in all their covered markets and languages by the end of the third quarter. This timeline denotes ComeOn Group’s dedication to providing iGaming operators with a solution to optimize their customer service.