ZingBrain’s ZingAI will power the online gaming brand’s data and user experience efforts

Players can now get a personalized experience through the implementation of the artificial intelligence (AI) engine and recommendation systems pioneered with the arrival of ZingAI. Thanks to AI, the iGaming industry has been able to stay ahead of the digital age we live in, and now the user experience seems to be much more enjoyable than in previous years.

Gamingtec, the online casino and sports betting platform provider, has decided to join forces with ZingBrain in order to bring the provider’s innovative AI motor to its operator partners for the first time. This is undoubtedly news that comes to the delight of many involved in the iGaming industry, as they know that they will receive an extra tool to satisfy the needs of all users.

Through the agreement, sportsbooks and casinos powered by Gamingtec will have the opportunity to take advantage of ZingBrain’s cutting-edge “Zing AI” technology, which is similar to that used by YouTube and Netflix, so that they can share recommendations to players based on different databases, preferences and behaviors. At the same time, sports betting operators and online casinos will have the opportunity to deliver a truly personalized experience to each player, which is a clear demonstration of the commitment to maintaining loyalty. In addition, the lifetime value of each customer is maximized, and wagering activity is increased.

The Zing casino referral system and the Zing sports betting referral system are the two products that are offered by ZingAI. Both are necessary tools to track user behavior on a respective platform, and that does not only refer to the games and bets they place but also their journey through the book or casino. Based on this, each system is able to offer recommendations that include different bets that can be placed and games that can be played.