Sports gambling continues to receive a lot of attention as a target for artificial intelligence integration

Genius Sports is already a leading gaming company driven by artificial intelligence (AI), but is now adding new functionalities to its platform. The company offers data and technology solutions to its sports and gambling partners and is going to increase its exposure through the acquisition of Second Spectrum, a company dedicated to innovative data tracking and visualization solutions.

This acquisition gives Genius Sports a tremendous amount of leverage to continue onboarding new partners looking to capitalize on its AI solutions. It marks the combination of two of the most well-established companies in the sports data and technology space and will allow Genius Sports to offer end-to-end solutions for sports, gambling and media.

Second Spectrum, founded eight years ago, provides a fully integrated AI platform that offers tracking, analytics and data visualization to the gaming community. The technology allows clients to automatically index all of the action in a sports event in a matter of seconds, resulting in the ability to receive real-time insights and create new solutions based on to-the-second input.

“Genius is committed to capturing and distributing the fastest, most accurate and secure official sports data. This acquisition supports our long-term strategic vision of utilizing AI tracking, enhanced data insights and transformative technology to revolutionize the sports data landscape for the fans, our customers and sports and media partners,” said Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke. “Adding additional fan engagement technology to our already diverse and cutting-edge portfolio of products and services will create compelling, unique content, that will transform user experiences and create additional revenue streams for our customers. We are delighted to welcome Rajiv and his team to the Genius Sports family.”