The artificial intelligence capabilities of Google will lead to a new era of online gaming

After Google announced that it would take its prices down for its recently-launched gaming platform Google Stadia for three months, it is taking advantage of this promotion to show users how new gaming experiences will be revolutionized with its technology. The current video game scene continues to be dominated by the large video game publishers and gaming console creators, but that will most likely change in the future. Google Stadia seems to be adding new services that are heavily impacting the industry, and will spill over to casino and other types of online gaming. The concept yet sounds futuristic, but Stadia is somehow initiating a game streaming era that includes high-quality games on a budget.

Stadia is not the only platform of its kind in the market, but it was the first one to be released that is offering the cloud servers’ power to run the games, instead of relying on the power of the specific device that is used to play on. Google Stadia was just released late last year, so there is still some lagging reported more than others, but this is how many stories start. To access Google Stadia, gamers need access will require the use of Chromecast to connect with your TV and controller over Wi-Fi. So, gamers can take switch the platform from one device to another just by installing the Stadia app, but for now, gamers need to use USB-C data cable for connecting with any device – mobile, tablet, or PC.

Google is introducing a way of playing that could potentially leave in the past the heavy gaming consoles that make gaming for some, an expensive hobby. The pricing of the games should be similar to other platforms, but the difference will be that, just as you pay a monthly subscription to Netflix, a monthly fee is charged by this gaming platform to have access to play the games in the library. For some critics, this new Game-as-a-Service (GaaS) model has certain aspects that have been raising some concerns. First, it is not fully compatible with both the iPhone and iPad, but it works fine with Mac. Also, there is a concern as to how long it will take Google to add more mainstream games, like Fortnite.