Artificial intelligence is becoming the primary foundation for all gaming activity

Casinos are always at the front of technological advancements to ensure they remain competitive, which is exactly what Gulfstream Park Casino is doing. This gambling venue based in South Florida has added a new partner to work along as part of its reopening plans. Gaming Analytics is bringing artificial intelligence (AI) tools to the casino operation by offering a technology-based analysis of complex data to explore new patterns.

AI is all about data collection and analysis. Gaming Analytics provides useful tools to better understand the data and provide a few prediction tools to the casino operation. “We were looking for a product that would allow us to more efficiently and effectively analyze the slot floor, improve marketing and more accurately forecast revenue,” said Gulfstream Casino Manager Dana Leibovitz. He added, “Further, GA’s ability to recognize ‘fading’ players allowing us to react immediately was the icing on the cake.”

This gambling facility offers two different levels for customers and conventional tools, making it hard for the operator to analyze possible relationships and differences between the products offered at each level and their customers. That is one of the specialties of Gaming Analytics, the analysis of large volumes of complex data to identify possible useful hidden patterns. Based on those analyses, the software makes recommendations about machines, visitation patterns, spend levels and the most effective marketing techniques.

By using these tools, Gulfstream already received actionable recommendations to improve the reach and quality of its promotions, target more productive customer segments and improved the slot mix on each floor, including game title changes, configuration changes, new machine purchases and more. “We are impressed with the number of features GA added in the last 3 months to assist casinos with various reopening strategies,” said Lisa Siples, Director of Slot Operations at Gulfstream. “Moreover, GA is so easy to use, and it is blazing fast. What used to take hours and days to get information now takes seconds.”