Especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, AI is gaining more attention in the gaming industry

The mobile gaming industry is on an exponential rise. Currently, there are hundreds of games available through mobile apps, with many more to come facing a new wave of gaming platforms. By next year, close to a quarter of the total world’s population will be an active mobile gamer, games like Candy Crush Saga and Fortnite have dragged millions of users. The mobile industry has been a method to deliver video games to the masses as most people in modern times own a smartphone. Besides that, it has introduced new technologies to people like augmented reality (AR) for the first time with games like Pokémon Go. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining territory in mobile gaming through several innovations and is set to prevail for years to come.

AI brings serious advantages to enhance the gamer’s experience, in which gaming software can learn how a player is operating the game so it can adjust to make it more challenging. As AI-machines continue learning from both its own experiences and data analytics, it can assist gaming apps in incorporating familiar people and places related to the gamer, so it turns into a more personalized experience. But the applications of AI technology go beyond just personalizing the gaming experience; the testing phases of a new release can be boosted by AI, as well.

There are devices capable of testing maps within one hour, which is something that developers will be able to do in days or even weeks, depending on the size. These tests are done to find any possible glitches in the game in a more efficient way, saving time for developers. The time in which a game is released to the market can be significantly less with AI software testing for other things like lagging and bugs during the gameplay. Based on what is found within, AI devices can generate useful graphics-based on real-world input helping the developers to make beneficial changes.