The next couple of years will bring major changes in casino thanks to advances in artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been present for many years now, but it is not until recent times that many industries are taking a step forward to integrate this rising technology. It is important to understand that AI is any program that can sense something, reason and act on it, and adapt when necessary. It integrates things like machine learning with its many algorithms that can be exposed to large amounts of data; therefore, performance will be improved. The gaming industry has had AI devices since the beginning with machines that absorb and process data, with more than just a positive impact.

There are several aspects of AI that casinos are taking advantage of, such as sound, time series, text, images and videos. They are currently being applied in many areas such as CRM, customer loyalty, automating marketing strategies and social marketing interaction and establishing campaigns that can categorized data for a specific target. Currently, the casino industry is integrating machine learning in their systems to be able to detect fraud, which has been a common trend in the gaming industry and that has been increasing alongside online gaming. By uploading and reading data regarding common non-fraudulent credit card transactions, the machines can learn what is normal and immediately flag an unusual transaction as potential fraud. Also, in land-based casinos, AI can bring all kinds of benefits and especially to the security and it some places they rely on the patterns identified by machines to target gambling problems and run a responsible gambling business.

More into the future, the applications of AI can move even further to even include voice recognition systems such as those presented by Google or Amazon that can even make reservations online through deep learning. This is an aspect of AI that has not been explored in gaming, but it seems to be that the technology is moving towards using voice features to provide a personalized service to the casino users.