Behind the scenes, physical and online casinos are adopting AI to make ops run smoother

In terms of what technology has the greatest, broadest impact on business operations, artificial intelligence (AI) is inarguably the hands-down winner. It can be incorporated into virtually any aspect of the business, making processes run more smoothly and efficiently than ever before. Casinos have recognized this capability and are actively incorporating AI technology into different aspects of their internal operations to help provide a stronger fundamental base, as well as to improve the user experience.

One of the more common applications of AI in the gaming ecosystem is with sales and marketing. Not only can AI better generate important insights, but it can also provide customer-focused predictions to make sales and marketing efforts more productive. This leads to increased revenue and better use of the sales force’s time, greatly improving results.

New advances in AI allow better customer service than ever before. When alternatives like chatbots first entered the scene, they were clunky and not very accurate. However, in just a few short years, that has changed, and AI is now capable of providing immediate, professional and correct responses to help casinos improve the customer experience. It has advanced so much that it is now twice as effective as voice recognition systems.

The product development process is getting a boost from AI, as well. Design tools can now explore, in a matter of seconds, all the variables that determine the most effective alternative, such as length of slot machine play, overall popularity and what attracts attention, to develop a better solution. The development processes, thanks to AI, can create an entirely digital example for testing purposes, eliminating the need for the construction of prototypes, which is costly and time-consuming.