From improved scoring to more personalization, casino marketing is enhanced through AI

Technological advancements have been changing the ways of the world since the beginning of times, but it is something that becomes more evident during this technological era. To this point, every area of the industry is either already been transformed – or about to be – by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This is something that is becoming a reality already in industries like gambling – online and land-based – which is already impacting many aspects of its operations, like the marketing area. A good marketer nowadays needs to have a good understanding of the technological trends that are poised to revolutionize the marketing industry and, therefore, the gambling industry.

One of the major changes in the marketing department brought by AI is a significant improvement in the lead scoring accuracy. This activity helps marketers keep prospective customers on a scale that shows the value they have for the company. This is not a very trusted score among the industry, but ML is increasing its accuracy by monitoring customer behavior through algorithms that track things like the number of times a casino customer visits the website, how many emails were opened, how many times was something downloaded and where and how many clicks were made.

Another enhancement is the optimization of the content they share, which is being done through A/B testing. This is a method that marketers use to test various content options like email subject lines, Facebook ad graphics, or an article headline to see which ones fit better the target audience. This is also something ML is helping with by processing and analyzing the available data, which is later used by the company as feedback to generate more targeted content.

For casinos, another benefit from using AI-based technologies is the improvement of personalization, which is something most people care about: a brand that cares about them. And that caring aspect can be tackled by making personalized promotions and content specifically for each player, recommended by AI. According to research, 44% of customers are likely to return to places where they received personalized service and experience.