AI is no longer a luxury for gaming operators looking to stay competitive in a tighter market

Although COVID-19 was detrimental in many ways last year, it still served a purpose. The coronavirus pandemic served as a catalyst for more attention being given to artificial intelligence (AI) as more commercial enterprises looked to emphasize digital operations in order to overcome widespread lockdowns. The casino industry has proven to be a strong supporter of AI, especially in the iGaming segment, and gaming marketers now understand better the benefits the technology can bring. More than ever, casino marketing is being built around AI in order to keep operators competitive in a market that continues to become more crowded.

With more choices available to consumers, it is more important that marketers find new ways to keep consumers engaged so they don’t switch brands. AI is helping to make that possible, creating hyperpersonalization that allows online casino marketers to target the individual, not just a consumer segment. This allows operators to offer a truly unique gaming experience for each user and gives marketers the ability to provide user-targeted campaigns and promotions that are specific to the individual.

This is made possible through AI’s ability to quickly and accurately process millions of data points generated from a user’s interaction with the platform. The technology then provides a readable, convertible solution used by the marketer to develop tactics that will keep the user’s attention. Previously, these types of campaigns required extensive manpower and company resources, and would often take weeks, or months, to complete. AI is now able to provide the solutions in a matter of hours.

As much as hyperpersonalization is going to be a part of marketing, so are omnichannel solutions. AI is giving marketers the ability to engage the consumer across different digital platforms simultaneously with the same message, providing a simple, practical solution for all consumers.