The company is partnering with Fobi AI to enhance its ability to serve its customers

The firm that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to become the leader in providing real-time data analytics, Fobi AI, recently announced the formalization of a new digital loyalty partnership with Yotpo, a leading provider of customer loyalty and review solutions for brands. Fobi’s main objective is to drive operational efficiency and profitability, while Yotpo provides customer loyalty and review solutions to more than 300,000 customers across multiple sectors, including the iGaming industry.

In 2021, Yotpo reached milestones after receiving a valuation of $1.4 billion, including other major fundraisings and investments from well-known companies. Fobi’s innovative Yotpo Wallet pass solution is intended to focus on Shopify’s retail and eCommerce customers right out of the gate.

As time goes on, it will expand to other point-of-sale and eCommerce platforms. Fobi’s revenue will be reflected through one-time setup fees per retailer and monthly license fees per pass.

Not only will Fobi gain access to a large number of brands and millions of end customers through this partnership, but it will also provide the opportunity to jointly provide a more robust loyalty offering to Fobi customers and prospects with Yotpo. Yotpo’s loyalty functionality has proven itself to be comprehensive on a daily basis, and its success with brands in the marketplace is a clear example of this.

The mix of Fobi’s Wallet pass platform and Yotpo’s loyalty features will result in a gateway for brands to access one of the most comprehensive loyalty platforms available today. With all of this comes the implementation of AI used in the association to reward customers with points for their activities, multiple ways to collect and redeem points, and advanced segmentation based on reward status or level.