Artificial intelligence offers invaluable tools to enhance iGaming marketing exercises

Innovative artificial intelligence (AI) software development company Infolytx has launched its latest AI-based solution, Visualytx. Its main focus is to serve as an essential tool in the iGaming marketing industry to improve discovery and management of visual assets. This helps companies save time and money, with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of artwork, photographs and other visual assets hosted in a digital asset management (DAM) system.

Marketers and designers often spend hours searching and comparing images for a project, but with the help of this new solution, that could become a thing of the past. According to different studies, many of the people working in marketing departments under the iGaming industry spend long hours a year searching for images, videos, and other digital files.

As a result of this tedious action, there is unnecessary creative rework, wasted digital assets, and other costly and time-consuming practices. This is primarily because visual assets are in short supply of descriptive data points.

In order to avoid all that arduous effort, AI-based Visualytx uses computer vision technology and robust object detection models to efficiently find thousands of visual elements within an asset, adding the necessary metadata automatically. One of its major advantages is that it is compatible with any existing DAM, and tags can be applied to massive loads and existing assets.

Through this solution, iGaming operators and their marketing team can detect and tag, improve face detection, implement better efficiency in object marketing, and many more. As if that weren’t enough, marketers can employ Visualytx to detect and tag personalized objects of interest, such as employees, services, products, company logos and more.