Innovative digital media strategies for online casinos will include more AI this year

Successful marketing is based almost solely on data, interpreting available consumer information to influence advertising decisions to achieve the greatest benefit. Therefore, the more data that can be interpreted, the better the marketing program. With digital marketing becoming more important than ever, marketers need to be able to access as much data as possible, and that is made possible through artificial intelligence (AI). As digital marketing innovation continues, casino operators, increasingly working in a more competitive space, are relying more on AI-based marketing solutions, and these are one of the top digital marketing trends for casino marketers expected this year.

AI automation is driving greater results for casino marketers. It is used to enhance efficiency, integrity and the user experience, as well as to provide more robust customer support solutions. All of these provide greater amounts of data points that can instantly be analyzed and forwarded to marketing teams so they can develop new advertising and promotion campaigns, and 2021 is going to see more iGaming operators turning to AI to develop their solutions.

Interactive content is enabling a more complete user experience, enhanced by the integration of AI. Videos, clickable posts and other compelling content can be developed and personalized, which will lead to more customers interacting with the platform for longer periods of time. The content also lends itself to the creation of more marketable strategies to increase conversion rates, fundamental to increased sales.

Social media now plays an important role in marketing strategy, and having an omnichannel marketing solution allows for more efficient, more robust advertising campaigns. With AI at the center, these can be tailored to the individual, instead of only to a group, offering personalized marketing solutions that enhance the user experience. With new iGaming operators coming online on almost a daily basis, any endeavor that provides more incentives to consumers are welcome, and AI has rapidly become the go-to alternative to give operators an advantage.