The company partners with Optimove to improve its marketing operations

Marketing deals with every interaction between companies and people. It is possible to say that its role today is to help achieve business objectives by creating an increasingly intelligent, secure and seamless customer experience. In the definition and implementation of a Marketing Strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential ally in the iGaming industry. In an effort to enhance that area, PressEnter, an operator renowned for its iGaming platforms, has recently signed an agreement with top-tier CRM marketing platform, Optimove.

Through this agreement, the operator will be able to implement the tools necessary to help it with its plans to drive further growth using CRM solutions based on AI mapping. PressEnter has more than three years of experience in the gaming industry. Its consistent focus has always allowed it to deliver quality products and excellent sustainable practices that are notable in many of the brands it operates today. With the intention to take marketing to another level and automate all its customer relationship management (CRM) processes, PressEnter has opted to use the CRM mapping solutions offered by Optimove, which is based on AI.

Through this mapping software, salespeople are able to rely more fully on CRM data for prospects and customers in order to improve route planning. In addition, it also serves as a tool capable of improving the management of new and existing sales territories. Through AI-based mapping, CRM data mapping can be performed more effectively and efficiently, as well as gaining greater accuracy through machine learning. All of these advantages are intended to enable PressEnter to take marketing one step ahead of the competition.