Artificial intelligence helps iGaming operators attract and hold onto customers longer

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that we have heard a lot about in recent months. Whenever there is talk of innovation and new ways of creating business, the topic is present. In the iGaming industry, many operators have made use of this useful tool to improve the way platforms are perceived, and this has helped to secure many more new players.

AI has been adopted by a large majority of online casinos. This is a powerful force to generate value in terms of business profitability and social impact. AI systems, virtual assistants (or chatbots) are able to reproduce and interpret human language with increasing accuracy, so many online casinos have decided to incorporate them into their customer service areas. This being a complimentary service to the player’s experience, makes the registrations increase since they have the certainty that no matter when they have a query, it will always be solved.

AI as a technology is getting better and better and is being successfully implemented to deliver intelligent and informed customer experiences. This will result in more personal and pleasant experiences as well. For example, AI enables different gaming operators to send automatic reminders to players for responsible gaming. Many gamblers anticipate that gambling addiction is a very negative factor in their lives, and, therefore, they like to be part of a platform that takes care of their respective control.

Finally, AI has an impact in the marketing area as it will be able to increase the efficiency of strategies, segment audiences, and manage advertising campaigns. This is undoubtedly a useful tool to attract new clientele interested in the services they previously saw and were attracted to, thanks to AI. In short, AI offers countless opportunities to satisfy the needs of the most specialized players and create completely new business models in the iGaming industry.