AI is giving iGaming operators access to marketing tools never before possible

Until a few years ago, marketers were somewhat reluctant to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their digital marketing strategies. But, little by little, they have been gaining much more confidence in the use of this technology, which is increasingly making its way into all areas of modern life. Its ambiguity has been reduced with respect to the results it can provide, and it has begun to demonstrate that it can help optimize costs and processes in the iGaming industry. Many operators in this industry claim that the impact on marketing has been taken to another level thanks to the capabilities that can be implemented through AI.

AI can bring added value to digital marketing that directly impacts two fundamental areas of business decision-making: time and money. Not so long ago, AI was an abstract technology trend that was supposed to be coming, but no one knew how. Recently, it has been translated into concrete processes that have made it possible to assess its applications in a more tangible way.

In addition to being able to generate content, AI can also make choices. Content curation using this technology will allow operators to better connect with players on online casino platforms and show them more relevant content based on their trends and preferences. This technology is commonly used to make personalized content recommendations that users may find interesting.

Digital advertising is undoubtedly the area of digital marketing that has most successfully adopted AI. Many iGaming operators already use machine learning and AI to find people most likely to perform the advertiser’s desired action. To achieve this, they analyze user information, such as their interests, demographics and other aspects, to learn and detect the best audience for their brand.