Artificial intelligence increases platform security above and beyond conventional methods

System security is in constant evolution and dynamism. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques is becoming an indispensable practice in the treatment and detection of threats to which the iGaming industry is exposed. With the avalanche of attacks and the tsunami of malware, using AI to deal with these phenomena is a natural evolution.

Malware automation is probably the decisive factor forcing the use of machine learning in malware classification, prevention, detection, and remediation actions. And the iGaming industry has been quick to investigate, employ and promote this use of Machine Learning as the absolute answer to current (and possibly future) challenges.

Cyber-attack prediction and prevention systems using AI systems for cybersecurity that leverage the full potential of Big Data is being used by online casinos to interpret millions of pieces of data in a matter of seconds. Many of these platforms apply AI to cybersecurity to teach programs to detect whether a computer’s behavior is normal or if, on the contrary, it shows symptoms of malware infection.

Security experts can now use AI systems for cybersecurity to drive full automation of security processes and protocols and complete security audits in minimal time. In addition, machine learning can generate flexible cybersecurity systems adapted to all types of devices and tools that are able to identify and adapt to changes in ‘smart malware.’

It is clear that data is the fuel that feeds AI and security systems gather a lot of information. This torrent of data is too large for human analysts working in online casinos to make the most of it. AI helps solve this problem.