Improving online platform security is vital to the success of iGaming operators

After seeing how Traceable implemented a free security API based on artificial intelligence (AI), iGaming operators wanted to make the most of it. The easy-to-use API is an excellent way to protect online platforms and iGaming operators are exploring it as a way to have better control over their security.

This tool, which uses tracking technology with the help of AI, has the ability to track application activity from one end to the other. With the help of the other platform TraceAI, which is also AI-based, and machine learning, this data can be analyzed to get a clear idea about what is the normal behavior of the application and thus be able to detect any anomaly whenever it is the case. Online casinos that decide to implement this tool will then be able to use the forensic data and information collected to investigate attack attempts and perform a root cause analysis.

It is well known that online casinos are one of the biggest targets for hackers, but fortunately, many of these cyberattacks can be a thing of the past with this security tool. The free API’s security level makes use of AI-based anomaly detection to block anomalies before a major breach occurs. This also helps to eliminate false positives that very often become a rather tedious aspect of security team alerts, causing wasted time that can be channeled to other priorities.

Being a free tool can help iGaming operators reduce costs while providing security for all registered online players, not to mention the security they implement for the overall online casino database.