Artificial intelligence improvements make iGaming customer service more efficient

Artificial intelligence (AI) enters the field of customer experience with the promise of optimizing the most routine actions as well as making it much more personalized to make users feel more comfortable. In the iGaming industry, many operators are opting to make use of this wonderful technology to provide voice-based customer service, which elevates the experience to a whole new level.

Enriched with AI, the customer relationship becomes human, a paradox brought to light with chatbots. Behind these communicating bots is a dose of AI involved in the design and programming of the chatbot, in its understanding of problems and recognition of spoken language and image, in real-time order processing and restitution.

By combining machine learning and data, the enhanced chatbot interprets customer requests in context and provides non-stereotyped responses in real-time. With the launch of a bot that communicates in English, many online casinos and their call center and customer service are now handled by this bot, freeing up time for customer satisfaction.

We are witnessing marketing innovations in the iGaming industry, with chatbots and voice assistants, thanks to AI’s ability to process images, sound and text. Innovations in the relationship with players, in the ability to take over media that are difficult to interpret as images or in the exploitation of customer comments on social networks, improve the profile of a product or detect new uses.

AI effectively supports customer relationship advisors, and as time goes on, iGaming operators can humanize it even further with the inclusion of technology such as this.