Artificial intelligence allows iGaming operators to be more efficient with their marketing efforts

In the popular imagination, artificial intelligence (AI) was supposed to be dispassionate artifacts, driven only by reason, unable to sense, joke, make mistakes or be creative. But the reality has turned out to be different. The latest AI algorithms are quite good at doing all that. From this perspective, several experts claim that AI has a fairly high level of digital creativity as there are original creations that have been developed by intelligent algorithms. In fact, operators in the iGaming industry take advantage of that benefit to make their platforms provide an innovative experience to their different players.

The use of this technology is still in vogue, so much so that, in recent years, a subfield of AI has emerged called digital creativity, which alludes to the study of software development that exhibits behavior that would be considered “creative” in humans. In this sense, and given the characteristics of AI systems, it is possible to say that today, iGaming developers can base their creations on different AI solutions to create eye-catching, customized platforms with high-quality content.

In all these cases, it is demonstrated that AI can have a certain creative or innovative capacity that is related to the identification and recombination of existing information following certain rules or models. These solutions can extract data from an online casino and user preferences to create systems that appeal to the vast number of players on a gaming platform. As a result, online casinos, whose development is based on AI, present a creative format and are able to stand head and shoulders above their competition.