Being able to predict how consumers will act gives iGaming operators a huge advantage

Operators in the iGaming industry are using artificial intelligence (AI) to develop new products and/or services as it allows them to detect what the market demands in a much faster and more agile way than in the past. The development of market research has gone from 1.0 to 4.0. This is better than previous methodologies, whose results took several weeks or even months to obtain. Now they are practically immediate. In a few hours, AI enables companies to process thousands of pieces of data.

As is evident, its implementation leads to a significant reduction in the costs and risks associated with launching a new product on the market. The lack of success in launching campaigns in the iGaming market, with the high investment in terms of time and money, makes Big Data and AI a pressing need.

With data, many online casinos have implemented different models and algorithms with which it is possible to predict what will happen and define what actions should be taken based on data and learning. For example, it is possible to predict when a player will leave service so that the company can take retention actions. In this way, platforms can become Data-Centric and not make decisions based on intuition but on what the user really wants.

In this age of AI, operators no longer need to make use of traditional methods such as customer surveys, questionnaires, focus groups and interviews to develop an understanding of the minds of their customers. Instead, they use online reviews, as the data collected from them is easily used through AI algorithms to ensure that customer sentiments can be predicted in real and effective time.