Protecting their networks and users is easier for iGaming operators with AI

Cyber security in the iGaming industry environment is booming. The use of tools to improve security levels for businesses and users continues to evolve with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to protect, prevent and respond to cyber-attacks and keep the security and integrity of all users intact. AI and cybersecurity are two closely linked concepts and many iGaming operators have come to understand that the connection between the two is quite necessary today, especially with the increase in cyber-attacks.

These innovations in the iGaming world are becoming more and more necessary every day, as the gaming community seeks to be connected to more and more devices that enhance their day-to-day lives. Hand in hand with this growth, there is also an increase in the participation of cybercriminals who seek to commit cybercrime on a daily basis for multiple purposes such as fraud, data exposure, among others.

AI enables better detection and analysis of potential cyber-attacks. With millions of alerts per day, this form of analysis allows highlighting those threats that need to be addressed, as well as connecting the necessary dots between them gives analysts a better response time to them. In addition to all this, it helps make iGaming a much safer and more enjoyable experience because online gambling can be prevented from addiction, fraud and much more. All this leads to a more pleasurable gaming experience and players are much more responsible with their entertainment.

By identifying patterns, AI can provide the necessary information to anticipate attacks and thus be able to make appropriate decisions in real-time. But using AI to improve cybersecurity is not just about preventative or post-attack actions. The reality is that AI can be applied in all stages of cybersecurity, including protection, detection, response and recovery from incidents.