Artificial intelligence makes it easier for gaming operators to deliver personalized attention

More companies continue to launch solutions that are ideal for the massive operations of an industry like iGaming. This time, operators will be able to take advantage of the artificial intelligence (AI) customer data platform created by Fulcrum, a leader in real-time personalization.

Through Fulcrum, online casinos will now have the ability to capture and unify proprietary data to create personalized experiences based on the behaviors, tastes and interests of the customers in the database. The technology firm uses AI to help online casinos and departments that can make the most of it, such as sales, marketing and more. In this way, operators and their teams will be able to identify and respond in real-time to known and anonymous customers to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Fulcrum paves the way for automated personalization workflows so operators can meet unparalleled requirements that can set them apart from the competition. It is known that customization has started to become quite a relevant factor for iGaming users, as platforms become much more eye-catching.

“Organizations large and small are preparing for the death of third-party cookies and are taking control by collecting and maximizing first-party data to personalize every customer experience,” explained John Golinvaux, founder and CEO of Fulcrum. Through different investors, Fulcrum was able to succeed with a highly diversified group of enterprise customers. Many online casino operators are now relying on its various AI-based solutions to make the customer experience much more satisfying.