Operators in the iGaming industry can now avoid large financial losses and further protect data privacy through Data Safeguard, Inc. The company recently launched a new security tool using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance online security, protecting iGaming operators from loss and potential data theft risks.

It is no secret that there has been strong growth in synthetic fraud, a cybercrime activity that has slowly become the nemesis of the iGaming industry. The company’s products come with the implementation of AI and machine learning (ML) to help online casinos be able to administer the personal identification information that has been collected from the first time a player registers while also providing the option to identify Frankenstein identities to mitigate financial losses.

“Our data privacy and synthetic fraud products help companies meet compliance requirements and avoid financial losses,” said Sudhir Sahu, CEO of Data Safeguard. “We have leveraged AI and ML technology to enable rapid deployment in complex structured, semi-structured and unstructured data ecosystems, providing maximum ROI for our customers.”

There is no doubt that Data Safeguard has the expertise to be able to provide the necessary tools for casino operators to mitigate all of these types of problems, especially knowing that its leadership team is largely comprised of Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs and business and technology executives experienced in synthetic fraud and data privacy.

Among the products that stand out with respect to data privacy are D-Mask and ID-Redact, which are responsible for redacting and masking sensitive structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. In the case of synthetic fraud, this is addressed by Data Safeguard’s ID-AML and ID-Fraud products, which use AI and ML technology to identify risk within an online casino’s data ecosystem intelligently.