Cyber-protection is stronger than ever for iGaming operators because of AI

It is no secret that cybersecurity is one of the most important issues to take into account for the proper security of the iGaming industry. Cyberattack rates have not declined in recent years, but it is possible that these threats will remain mere attempts after the shield is strengthened with the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI).

When talking about advances in cybersecurity, there is no doubt that AI plays a very important role. Cybersecurity and AI are closely related. In the face of increasing threats, ransomware, concerted attacks: cyber hackers are rivaling in imagination and AI techniques can be used to improve cybersecurity. AI-based methods are currently being explored to facilitate real-time analysis and decision-making for rapid detection and reaction to cyber-attacks in online casinos. AI is also being used to develop self-adaptive systems to automate responses to cyber threats.

AI has been implemented for thread hunting. Traditional techniques that rely on identity or the use of indicators of compromise can be enhanced, closing security gaps by managing and interpreting behavioral indicators. In addition, AI has the ability to identify anomalous behavior that signals cyberattack activity even before vulnerability patches are available.

It is no secret that hackers have not lagged behind with the advancement of technologies, so having a security department capable of stopping innovative attacks can be a difficult task. In such a situation, it is paramount to constantly strengthen the overall security system and let the AI take care of preventing the threats that many online casinos may face today.