Artificial intelligence is rewriting the script on how online casinos cater to customers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is applicable to customer relationships, as it increases their cognitive and relational capabilities while introducing greater dynamism and adding value to agent interactions. It maximizes customer-agent synergies and provides a qualitative response to three problems faced by all contact centers: absorbing increased call volume and extending opening hours, without the need to incorporate additional resources. Operators in the iGaming industry could not benefit more from this technology in their contact centers.

With algorithms that understand natural language, AI’s way of understanding this language can be very useful for receiving calls, emails and chats where agent intervention does not add value so that agents can focus on interactions where their expertise and qualities make the difference. The way players are treated has a major impact on the reputation of any brand.

In this sense, agile, hands-on service is more necessary than ever. And developments in machine learning and cognitive computing are all the rage. With this transformation to digital platforms, online casinos seek to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness in today’s markets, thus consolidating an appreciable value within business management.

Chatbots are software platforms, powered by AI, that provide quick responses to routine customer-related problems, allowing to free up space and human resources. This technology not only allows iGaming operators to solve questions and offer quick solutions to common problems but also assimilates and adapts to customer preferences so that they can better anticipate player requirements and provide more immediate and personalized responses.